At the intersection of design and business, I create services that help people lead better lives.

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I'm a designer at heart, firmly grounded in creative conceptualization methods and research-with-empathy.


Understanding how things work and how they're made makes me a better designer and a better teammate.


I can read you a balance sheet like a bedtime story then wake you up for some strategizing.

Featured Work



Product emotion research to help smokers quit

I worked with GSK as a summer intern and in a graduate course at Carnegie Mellon to investigate the human element of smoking cessation and design a product to bolster patient treatment adherence with the goal of improving their products' efficacy rates.

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Procter & Gamble

Interdisciplinary approach to create an air-care product with triple-bottom line sustainability

Proctor and Gamble asked our team to transform the air care category in a way that incorporated the company's sustainability goals throughout the process. Our team of designers, engineers, and MBAs focused on how people deal with varying air quality as they move through cities.

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Boden Pharmacies, Taiwan

Service design to increase type-II diabetes patients' treatment adherence in Taiwan

A colleague and I traveled to Taiwan for two months to design an in-store service for diabetic patient care with the goal of increasing adherence to help patients meet their healthcare needs and increase the pharmacy's bottom line.

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